Travel Reimbursement Policy

  1. All travel must be authorized in advance by the President (for Board and committee meetings a single authorization would cover everyone, but for other situations individual authorizations might be required). Normally, travel reimbursement requests will be submitted to the Treasurer within 45 days of the travel.
  2. Airfare is normally limited to Economy (unless specific authorization is given). Charges for seat reservations (regular seats, not premium seats) are eligible for reimbursement. An invoice with the itinerary and airfare that indicates payment has been made is required. For travel that includes other stops (business or personal), normally only a portion of airfare will be reimbursed (this must be authorized in advance).
  3. Ground transportation to and from the originating and the destination airports will be reimbursed. Receipts must be submitted for fares more than $10 for a single direction.
  4. Per diems of $15 (breakfast), $20 (lunch), or $35 (dinner) will be paid for meals during travel, but only if meals were not provided at the meetings or events being attended. No receipts are required for per diems. For travel to the US, the above amounts will be in $US.
  5. Payment will be made by e-transfer to claimants with Canadian bank accounts unless otherwise requested at the time a claim is submitted. If payment is not made by e-transfer, a cheque payable to the claimant will be sent to the mailing address provided by the claimant when the claim is submitted.
Travel Claim Form Last Modified: 2018 Nov 27
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