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Post-docs: Research positions in Haptic and Wearable Interaction

12 December 2019
No deadline (Open)
Start Date
15 January 2020 (Negotiable)
School of Computer Science
McGill University
Montreal, QC
Research Only
Tenured Position
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Fields
Multiple post-doctoral research positions will explore the design space for wearable haptics as a platform for human-computer interaction, supporting improved situational awareness, both in everyday conditions and critical environments. Our objectives are to facilitate novel forms of information delivery for communication, training, and education, and enhance user experience in entertainment and mixed reality simulations. Our team works on architectures to manage sensing and actuation, the design of haptic feedback strategies tailored to the demands of specific users, and evaluation of the perceptual response to such stimuli, employing biosensing techniques. Example applications include haptic-instrumented shoes to improve dance training or rehabilitation therapy, haptic feedback strategies to convey vital signs of patients to clinicians, immersive multimodal interaction with simulated ground surfaces, and mobile implicit communication between individuals.

We are seeking candidates who will participate in one or more areas of this research program, including the design and testing of wearable and haptic-enabled systems, investigating the information delivery capacity of various architectures, and conducting studies related to human perception of the stimuli. Successful candidates will contribute to various aspects of the project, help supervise and mentor graduate students, play a major role in the publication of results of this research, and will also have the option to develop and pursue additional projects.

Education/Experience: A PhD in electrical or computer engineering, mechanical or mechatronic engineering, computer science, or closely related field, with experience in haptic and multimodal interaction, mixed reality design, and human-computer interaction.

Appointment(s) will be through the Centre for Intelligent Machines. Further information and instructions for applying are available at the Employer Job Post link (URL) above.
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