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Canadian computer science departments can use the Forum to advertise available faculty positions that will then appear on the Careers page  on this website.

When new jobs are posted, an email with a link to the posting and a short summary (title, university, department) will be sent to the chairs of all Canadian computer science departments, notifying them that a new posting has been made.

Who can create Job Ad postings?

Only Forum User Accounts for department chairs and other authorized administrative support users can post jobs for a department. Department chairs can request that the Forum User Accounts for selected faculty or staff be enabled for this role.

Creating a new Job Ad posting

To post an advertisement for a job, login to the Forum Job Postings page and click on the Create Job Ad button at the top of the page. This will lead to the following form on the Forum (instructions follow below, after the screenshot of the form).

Completing the fields in the Job Ad posting form

Fill in as many of the fields in the form as you can. The more complete the Job Ad, the more likely it is to attract appropriate candidates. Both English and French versions are encouraged for all text fields. This will make the Job Ad bilingual.

  • Job Title: Enter English and French versions of a short, descriptive text phrase that describes the position, such as “Canada Research Chair in Software Engineering” or “Limited Term Sessional Lecturer on Computer Graphics.” The Summary can provide additional information if further clarification is required.
  • Visibility: A Published Job Ad is visible to the public on the main CS-Can / Info-Can website Careers page. A Draft Job Ad is visible to the creator only on the Forum (see below for how to preview a Job Ad). The first time a Job Ad is published, an automatic email message will be sent to a mailing list with a link to the new Job Ad. A Published Job Ad can be changed to Draft and back again at any time, but only the initial publication will trigger an email notification message.
  • Application Deadline Type: Select from the pull-down menu: A Hard deadline does not be accept applications after the deadline. A Soft deadline begins considering applications on the deadline but also considers applications submitted after the deadline. An Open deadline considers applications as they arrive until the position is filled.
  • Application Deadline Date: For Hard and Soft deadlines, enter the date by which applications are expected. For Open deadlines, enter the date the Job Ad is created.
  • Job Start Date Type: Select from the pull-down menu: No Later Than, No Earlier Than, Approximate, or Negotiable.
  • Job Start Date: Enter the date on which a successful candidate is likely to start working, subject to the constraints of the Job Start Date Type.
  • Tenure-track Position: Select Yes if successful candidates will be eligible for the tenure process, otherwise select No to indicate the position is limited term or renewable subject to periodic review but tenurable.
  • Nominal Rank: Select from the pull-down menu the rank or title that best describes the position. If nothing is suitable, select Other and then enter a very short description. The Summary can provide additional information if further clarification is required.
  • Language of Instruction: Select Bilingual/Bilingue, English, or Français from the pull-down menu. Usually this will be determined by the university’s policy.
  • Position Type: Select Research + Teaching, Teaching Only, Research Only, or Administrative from the pull-down menu. Positions such as Department Chair, Dean, or Director are considered Administrative.
  • Research and/or Teaching Fields: Enter the topic areas within computer science that are sought in a successful candidate. If all areas are equally welcome, simply enter “All Areas” rather than listing any at all, otherwise list areas of priority.
  • Keywords: Enter additional keywords that may help potential applicants determine whether the position is a good match for their qualifications and interests.
  • University/Department: Enter the partial name of the university to have auto-completion provide a list matching department names and click on the one that applies. Only departments that are members of CS-Can / Info-Can are allowed to post Job Ads for faculty positions.
  • Email Contact: Enter the email address of a person who will respond to questions about the job. This might be the personal email address for the department head or the chair of the recruiting committee, or a generic email address such as
  • Source Link: Enter the URL that links to the full version of the advertisement on an external website (departmental recruiting, university HR, or professional search firm).
  • Summary: The  section is limited to 2000 characters. Often the full ad will be longer than this because it will include descriptions of the department, the university, and the university’s equity and hiring policies, teaching loads, and other details. This additional information can be made available through the Source Link field, which specifies a URL that links to the full job advertisement on an external website. If there are specific qualifications or constraints that applicants must meet, include these explicitly in the summary. Normal Canadian immigration rules do not need to be stated explicitly, they can be referenced in the full advertisement specified in the Source Link.

Submitting a Job Ad

When you have filled in all of the fields, click on the Create Job Posting button at the bottom of the form to submit the ad. This will go to a preview of the content on the Forum.

Revising (Editing) a Job Ad

You can edit any Job Ad that you created by clicking on the Edit Job button at the bottom of the Forum page for the Job Ad. This will return you to the editable version of the Job Ad.

Publishing a Job Ad

Once you are satisfied with the content of a Job Ad, edit it to set Visibility to Published and click on the Save Job Posting button at the bottom of the page. This will again show you a preview of the ad on the Forum, but it will also make the ad visible on the Careers page of the main CS-Can / Info-Can website.

You can temporarily remove Job Ads from the main website by changing Visibility to Draft on the Forum.

The first time a Job Posting is published, an email will be sent to all department chairs notifying them of the new ad. Only one email notification will be sent for any ad. If the ad is unpublished and then re-published, no email will be sent.

Previewing a Job Ad

A full preview of how the Job Ad will appear on the main website can be obtained after it has been created by clicking on the red Website Page button in the Forum preview page (not the editing page). This will open a new browser window with the Job Ad as it appears on the Careers page of the main CS-Can / Info-Can website. If the Job Ad is still a Draft, there will be a red Preview on Website button instead. Use that to see how the Job Ad will appear after it is published.

Deleting a Job Ad

When viewing the Forum version of a Job Ad, there will be a Delete Job Posting button at the bottom of the page, next to the button to edit. Click on Delete Job Posting to permanently delete the Job Ad. Once deleted, Job Ads cannot be recovered. It is recommended that Job Ads only be deleted when it is certain there will be no future need for the Job Ad. Switching a Job Ad to Draft will remove it from public visibility on the CS-Can / Info-Can website. Often this is sufficient if there is a need to suspend or postpone a Job Ad, and it allows the Job Ad to be re-published later, perhaps after revision, should that be desirable.

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