Forum mailing lists

The CS-Can / Info-Can Forum has associated with it a number of mailing lists to facilitate communication within the Canadian computer science community.

Computer Science Faculty

If you are a faculty member in a Canadian computer science department you may already be on the general mailing list. The list is being compiled from information that departments provide us (names and email addresses for faculty members). If you are on the list, you should already have received notification by email that you are on the list. If you did not, check with your department chair to see if the list of faculty members for your department has been submitted. If it has, and you were not on it, ask your department chair to let us know.

There will soon be mechanisms in place that will allow you to filter how information sent to the lists are delivered to you (immediately or in digest form), and whether you want to be on the lists. We hope that all computer science faculty choose to remain on the list for the initial few months while we complete the implementation of these tools. There are a couple of reasons to remain on the lists.

  • The 2019 elections for the Board of Directors used the mailing list as the “voters’ roll” for the election and for the nomination process.
  • Job postings for computer science faculty positions in Canada are available on the CS-Can / Info-Can website. You and your students will be able sign up for notifications about new postings.
  • Announcements for conferences and other events, including funding opportunities, will be available through the mailing lists.

In future, we expect to add support for collaboration among researchers across Canada, including tools to assist in preparing grant applications and the Canadian Common CV.

Computer Science Students

A mailing list for students and postdoctoral fellows will be created in Fall 2019. Information of interest to Canadian computer science students will be available on the mailing list.

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